Important information for all buyers who are willing to take part in auctions: 

1) To participate  in auctions all buyers must register before every auction.
2) The starting price is set by the auction house - Euro/kg
3) Bidding step is set 0.02 Euro/kg 
4) Buyers must keep in mind that bidding price in Auction is without tax.
5) Commission (2,5%) for auction is indicated in Baltic milk and beef cattle auction regulation.
6) Truck leaves a HeinorS company only after payment is done
7) All livestock available in the auctions are from farm stands that are examined according Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Latvia.                                                                                

8) To participate in auction attached a Purchise contract  must be submited
9) For more information and to recive Baltic milk and beef cattle auction regulation please write an email to:


commision: 2,5% (neto) 
feeding: 1,80 eur per day (starting with a day after tomorrow)+VAT
Trace certificate costs 70 eur + VAT
Passport of cattle: 1,50 eur + VAT per piece